Lamuji Pressee'

Lamuji is our ode to a tropical-tasting drink that’s legendary in Ghana. The classic tastes of pineapple, ginger and lemon are blended to create a refreshing sip that’ll make you feel good from the inside out.

There aren’t any refined sugars, artificial flavours, thickeners or other additives in our drinks – we don’t believe in them. Instead, your bottle is packed with 100% natural ingredients that are high in antioxidants and vitamins A, B and C. Your immune system and digestion will be delighted!

Plus, we support the West African farmers who grow our incredible ingredients, giving you even more to feel good about. As well as paying a fair price for the fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs they grow for us, we empower them to keep growing crops sustainably in the wake of rising drought and climate change in their region.

We told you Lamuji is a feel-good drink.

Best served when chilled and relaxed. Once opened, keep refrigerated and enjoy within 3 days


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Moringa & Matcha Shot

Ingredients: Water 52.5%, Lemon Juice 25%, Organic Agave Syrup 16.7%, Moringa Powder 3.33%, Matcha Powder 2.5%

Baobab & Apple Shot

Ingredients: Baobab Powder 7.69%, Water 69.2%, Apple Juice 15.4%, Organic Agave Syrup 7.69%.

Ginger Shot

Ingredients: Ginger root 41.7%, Water 33.3%, Lemon Juice 16.7%, Organic Agave Syrup 8.33%.

Zobo Pressée

Ingredients: Beautiful African hibiscus flowers 17.2%, tasty Fairtrade pineapple 23.1%, a dash of fresh water, crushed ginger, a drop of agave, lemon.

Lamuji Pressée

Ingredients: Tasty Fairtrade pineapple 42.9%, a dash of fresh water, crushed ginger 16.1%, a drop of agave, a pinch of cinnamon, dried cloves.