About Hibby's

Our drinks allow you to feel
nourished and refreshed all
along with a satisfying taste!

Inspiration for the name

The name Hibby’s comes from the word ‘Hibiscus’, found in our very own Zobo flavour, one of our flavours since day one.

For us, the name Hibby’s speaks about the herbs and spices grown by our farmers and the authentic, raw nature that comes with these herbs and spices.

About Hibby's

Hibby’s was born out of a
desire to make a sustainable

Hibby’s was born out of a desire to make a sustainable drink that could bring popular African flavours such as the Zobo flavour from Nigeria and the Lamuji flavour from Ghana to the UK. We wanted to preserve the delicious flavour whilst also making it sugar free, focusing on the health benefits that our Hibiscus and ginger flavourings offer. From there, we expanded to our shots range that contain ancient African superfoods to provide further nourishing drinks options.

Hibby’s has always looked to give back to the farming communities that provide us our ingredients. In a time where climate change poses a major risk to food security and sustainability in farming is becoming a more pressing issue, Hibby’s hopes to do what we can to help. We give 10% of our profits to promote sustainable farming in these communities.

Our Environmental consultants also provide practical advice and tools to enable farmers to navigate and eventually mitigate the impacts of climate change. In addition, they are able to sell their surplus amount and thereby obtain financial sustainability.


We want to promote a more sustainable planet both here in the UK and in Africa where we source our key ingredients from. We ensure that customers know where our ingredients and packaging are sourced from. All of our packaging can also be recycled.

All of our ingredients are natural and carefully sourced.

We are committed to using natural sweeteners such as Agave Nectar to help promote drinks that are good for you and rich in flavour.

We have a great passion for our products and mission. We will always strive to ensure that our products are sugar free, community focused and vegan.

We proudly support the native farming communities that grow our tasty ingredients. We listen and learn from their expertise and bring that to our recipes.

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Moringa & Matcha Shot

Ingredients: Water 52.5%, Lemon Juice 25%, Organic Agave Syrup 16.7%, Moringa Powder 3.33%, Matcha Powder 2.5%

Baobab & Apple Shot

Ingredients: Baobab Powder 7.69%, Water 69.2%, Apple Juice 15.4%, Organic Agave Syrup 7.69%.

Ginger Shot

Ingredients: Ginger root 41.7%, Water 33.3%, Lemon Juice 16.7%, Organic Agave Syrup 8.33%.

Zobo Pressée

Ingredients: Beautiful African hibiscus flowers 17.2%, tasty Fairtrade pineapple 23.1%, a dash of fresh water, crushed ginger, a drop of agave, lemon.

Lamuji Pressée

Ingredients: Tasty Fairtrade pineapple 42.9%, a dash of fresh water, crushed ginger 16.1%, a drop of agave, a pinch of cinnamon, dried cloves.